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Course Tour

courselayoutThe course, once an open field, now offers elevated tees, rolling fairways and 7 lakes. Highlights include a true island green par-3 and 600 yard par-5 that should play with the prevailing wind.

Measuring 4,931 yards to 7,104 yards from 5 sets of tees, Bolingbrook Golf Club will prove to be both challenging and fair for players of all abilities and a terrific compliment to any function.

This 18-hole championship golf course was designed by acclaimed course architects, Arthur Hills and Steve Forrestt.

   Course Rating Slope
Men:    Gold 74.3 139
Blue 72.8 135
White 71.4 132
Silver 68.6 125
Women Green 68.9 119
Silver 74.2 130

Hole 1

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 11 GOLD: 430 BLUE: 411 WHITE: 391 SILVER: 353 GREEN: 296

The opening hole provides a gentle start as there is a very generous landing area for your first tee shot. A large fairway bunker that guards the right side of the fairway should be avoided. The approach shot will require a long to mid iron to a slightly elevated green. A deep greenside bunker protects the right front, thus favoring a soft fade approach shot.

Hole 2

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 5 GOLD: 434 BLUE: 405 WHITE: 389 SILVER: 348 GREEN: 299
The second tee shot offers a dramatic view of this long par four. The tee sits above the landing area giving you a great vision of what awaits you. The drive requires precision and length to clear the pond on the left, and avoid the pond on the right. The second shot plays uphill to a green that is protected by a deep front right bunker.

Hole 3

PAR: 5 HNDCP: 1 GOLD: 548 BLUE: 531 WHITE: 516 SILVER: 480 GREEN: 415
Only the longest hitters will even think about attempting to reach this green in two. The long uphill par five will play into the prevailing wind. Once again the tee sits slightly above the landing area so you get a great view of what is ahead of you. The drive must avoid the two fairway bunkers, the first one on the right and the second on the left side. A deep fairway bunker on the right, 80 yards from the green must be avoided to have a good shot into the green. A small bunker front left of the green will be in play as well.

Hole 4

PAR: 3 HNDCP: 17 GOLD: 154 BLUE: 143 WHITE: 129 SILVER: 101 GREEN: 77
The first of four tremendous par threes. Large mounding gives this par three the feeling of being in a small valley. A large bunker to the right that appears to be a green side bunker acts as a false front as it is 30 feet in front of the green. A small bunker guards the front of the green and a collection area will gather all shots that miss the green to the left.

Hole 5

PAR: 5 HNDCP: 3 GOLD: 600 BLUE: 583 WHITE: 566 SILVER: 558 GREEN: 482
Luckily this 600 yard monster will have prevailing winds helping golfers. The marsh area in front of and left of the tee, along with the rolling fairway, makes this one of the most picturesque tee shots on the course. Fortunately the hazard should not come into play. The hole winds itself through rolling fairway and three strategically placed fairway bunkers. A green side bunker will take shots that are short and right, and a huge collection area behind the green will gather any long approaches.

Hole 6

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 13 GOLD: 342 BLUE: 322 WHITE: 312 SILVER: 261 GREEN: 230
A superbly designed golf hole, which offers players numerous options off the tee. Water guards the entire left side of the hole, but it is the four fairway bunkers that make the hole. Two bunkers guard the right side of the hole and one protects the left side. The big decision will be what to do about the bunker in the middle of the fairway. You can play to the left or right of it, lay up short of it leaving a longer approach shot or attempt to carry it leaving a short wedge into the green. The green sits on a small bluff with water on the left and a bunker guarding the front right.

Hole 7

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 9 GOLD: 408 BLUE: 393 WHITE: 378 SILVER: 346 GREEN: 276
Water borders the entire right side of the fairway, then cuts across the fairway 80 yards from the green. There is plenty of room to the left side of the fairway. The fairway has numerous rolling mounds and is slanted from left to right towards the water. A good drive will enable players to reach the green with a mid to short iron. A poor drive however, will make golfers choose between going for the green or laying up in front of the water, leaving themselves with a 100 yard third shot.

Hole 8

PAR: 3 HNDCP: 15 GOLD: 173 BLUE: 163 WHITE: 139 SILVER: 125 GREEN: 91
Though a beautiful hole to look at, the tee shot is very intimidating. Your tee shot must carry a brick wall protecting the green from the hazard in front of the green. The kidney shaped green is only 15 yards in depth. The shot must be high and soft to hold the green. Shots that go over the green will find a bunker behind the green to the left or a large collection area behind it to the right. Any shot holding the green will leave a great chance for birdie.

Hole 9

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 7 GOLD: 443 BLUE: 412 WHITE: 397 SILVER: 364 GREEN: 326
This long par four will have prevailing wind helping golfers off the tee. Water runs down the entire left side of the hole, but only the wildest of tee shots will find the water as a large bunker guards the left side of the fairway. The right side of the fairway is guarded by two well positioned bunkers as well. Once the tee shot is negotiated, players will have to play a long to mid iron into this green. The approach shot must avoid the water on the left as well as a well placed bunker guarding the front right of the green.

Hole 10

PAR: 5 HNDCP: 8 GOLD: 529 BLUE: 509 WHITE: 491 SILVER: 451 GREEN: 418
The back nine starts with probably your best and maybe only chance for birdie. However, this short par five will generally play into the wind and is slightly uphill. The tee shot has a very generous landing area, but must avoid the steep faced fairway bunker on the right. Well struck tee shots will enable long hitters to attempt to reach this green in two. For golfers laying up with their second shot, will find a generous landing area in which to do so. The green is slightly elevated and is guarded by one deep bunker in the front left of the green. The green slopes both middle to front and middle to back.

Hole 11

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 10 GOLD: 396 BLUE: 379 WHITE: 365 SILVER: 335 GREEN: 263
Water borders the entire right side of this scenic short par four. The hole plays slightly downhill and the fairway slants gently from left to right towards the water. A small creek crosses in front of the green for any short or miss hit shots. Three bunkers, two on the left and one on the right protect the small and narrow green.

Hole 12

PAR: 5 HNDCP: 2 GOLD: 562 BLUE: 547 WHITE: 532 SILVER: 494 GREEN: 425
A true three shot par five. This dogleg right, winds around a large lake and two fairway bunkers on the left are there to be used as targets for the drive. The fairway has a large slant from left to right. Playing into the prevailing wind the second shot will more than likely be a long iron or fairway wood off a slice lie. The green is slightly raised and the fairway and slope create a huge collection area where shots that come up right of the green will run all the way down the hill, leaving a 30 yard pitch. Two bunkers guard the front left of the thin green that runs from front to back.

Hole 13

PAR: 3 HNDCP: 14 GOLD: 231 BLUE: 201 WHITE: 185 SILVER: 152 GREEN: 114
The longest of the four par threes is as beautiful as it is difficult. The hole plays slightly downhill and the prevailing winds should help on this treacherous hole. Water hugs the entire right side of the hole. However, for the not so courageous there is enough room to the left of the green to avoid the trouble and try and get up and down for par.

Hole 14

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 18 GOLD: 400 BLUE: 385 WHITE: 358 SILVER: 319 GREEN: 267
The fourteenth hole provides almost a breather. If you thought the first four holes on the back were demanding and dramatic, wait until the last four. The middle hole on the back nine has water down the entire left side, but the fairway is generous enough that only the wildest of drives will find the water. A steep bunker that is 100 yards in front of the green provides a false front on your approach shot. Any tee shot in the middle and right side of the fairway will leave a blind second shot. For the courageous, golfers flirting with the water on the left will be able to see the green on their second shot. When you finish this hole take a deep breath and get ready for the fabulous finish.

Hole 15

PAR: 3 HNDCP: 16 GOLD: 156 BLUE: 145 WHITE: 127 SILVER: 108 GREEN: 67
The signature hole of the course. Standing on the tee and looking out at the island green is very intimidating. Figuring out the wind will play a key role on playing this tee shot successfully. However, there is some rough and room to be long on this true island green. Not too long though.

Hole 16

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 6 GOLD: 440 BLUE: 427 WHITE: 414 SILVER: 380 GREEN: 301
The first of three, long par fours with water on the entire right side. There is a large beach bunker that will hopefully stop poor drives from reaching to the water. However, the landing area for your drive is probably the most generous on the course. A long to mid iron will be needed for the second shot, which is played to a small green protected short and left by one deep greenside bunker.

Hole 17

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 12 GOLD: 401 BLUE: 391 WHITE: 376 SILVER: 331 GREEN: 270
This slight dogleg right not only is beautiful to look at, but looks a lot longer than it says. The hole wraps around a lake and the green is nestled on a small bluff right next to the water. Three fairway bunkers down the left side of the fairway frame the hole and are great targets for your tee shot. The fairway narrows the more aggressive one gets off the tee. Players that play away from the water on their approach shot will find that shots hit left of the green will bounce of the mounds towards the green, leaving a manageable up and down.

Hole 18

PAR: 4 HNDCP: 4 GOLD: 457 BLUE: 430 WHITE: 415 SILVER: 372 GREEN: 314
Once again water dominates the entire right side of this hole. The tee shot plays slightly downhill to a wide fairway. Two bunkers on the left will come into play off the tee for the players that aim a little too far left to avoid the water. A straight and solid long iron will be needed to hit the green in regulation as the water and a bunker are in play on the right and a large collection area will gather shots that stray to the left.

The Bolingbrook Golf Academy

A state of the art golf practice center. It is arguably the best in Chicagoland. The academy offers a huge bent grass tee that accommodates 70 hitting stations. There are 12 target greens to aim at. The facility includes a 14,500 square foot putting green, a sprawling short game area with two greens and numerous bunkers and rolling fairway areas to emulate any stiuation you will find on a golf course. The academy also has two practice par 3 holes that can range from 150 yards to over 200 yards! The entire driving range is also lighted for night time use.