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Bolingbrook Golf Club Feeds the Community with Thanksgiving To Go Meals

Bolingbrook, Illinois, December 21, 2020 – Bolingbrook Golf Club announced today that the club’s Thanksgiving To Go meals fed at least 450 people this past Thanksgiving as more than 80 meal packages were ordered.

Every year, Bolingbrook would normally host a Thanksgiving Buffet that would feed more than 800 people. Due to COVID-19, the club was not able to host the buffet. "We wanted to offer families within the local community a way to enjoy a home cooked meal without the stress of cooking," said Jill Maldonado, Director Sales at Bolingbrook Golf Club. "While the holiday looked different this year, we were glad to allow families to enjoy some of the same food traditions they would during any given year."

The meal package contained all the traditional Thanksgiving Day favorites, including ham and turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, cranberries, gravy, dinner rolls and pumpkin or pecan pie. The full package fed about six people, but a smaller package was available for a family of two.

Thanksgiving To Go Meals is just one of many ways Bolingbrook has been creative in their food & beverage offerings in the face of the pandemic. They also have offered micro wedding packages, corporate holiday catering to go, daily carry out specials in The Nest Bar & Grill and Dinner with the Chef. With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, Bolingbrook is also offering Family Holiday Meals To Go for pickup on December 23rd.


A woman holds a golf ball in front of her eye

5 Benefits of Golf for Young Professionals

Young professionals can benefit greatly by applying themselves to the wonderful game of golf. It doesn't matter whether one is an intermediate golfer, professional or novice golf can be a great investment in one's health, potentially increasing life expectancy. Below are five reasons that young professionals can benefit from playing golf:

  1. Emotional management:
    The ups and downs involved in playing a game of golf closely resemble the challenges that life brings. The game of golf brings one to a place of managing his/her emotions in order to assess the situation and tactfully set the intention to make the best decision that can bring the best results. Playing golf is a great tool for encouraging emotional intelligence in young professionals.
  2. Healthy exercise:
    Walking at a relaxed pace while playing golf atBolingbrook Golf Club might not seem like exercise; however, in playing a game of golf, one may walk more than 10,000 steps which is the guideline for exercise recommended maintaining good health, while using all their muscles. After 18 holes, one will be burning many calories, especially if one does not use a golf cart. At Bolingbrook Golf Course, golfers can receive the benefits of a great workout while enjoying the advantages of being in the great outdoors.
  3. Brain stimulation:
    Golf, like chess, is a strategic game that requires a great deal of mental sharpness and coordination in order to perfect one's game. Golf is analytical because one has to take many things into consideration - air movement, terrain, visibility, type of club, force, etc. These decisions offer the brain the opportunity to be stimulated.
  4. Endorphins released:
    The exercise received at Bolingbrook Golf Club really stimulates the body to produce endorphins. "When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine" (WebMD).
  5. Family and social interaction:
    Playing golf at Bolingbrook Golf Club offers a great way to spend timeaway from work or home to be with family, friends, and business associates in the great outdoors. Family members can agree to meet at Bolingbrook golf course for a great morning or afternoon time of fun, exercise, and relaxation. In fact, the golf course can be a great place to get together with social or business associates. Many friendships have expanded, and business deals have been sealed over playing the wonderful game of golf.

Young professionals can enjoy the privileges of a Bolingbrook Golf Course membership that will offer them the wonderful opportunity to receive not only five benefits but countless other benefits that will enhance their lives. Bolingbrook Golf course is now offering a great deal to young professionals.


The Beauty of BGC

One of the most appreciated aspects about the Bolingbrook Golf Club is the atmosphere and the ambiance. Those who value the “surrounding influence of the environment” will enjoy the layout and design of the Bolingbrook Golf Club. From the amenities to the scenery, all parts of the club provide the vacation–feel while you’re there. In a location that provides magnificent photo opportunities during every season of the year.

A view of the clubhouse at Bolingbrook Golf Club

The Nest Bar and Grill is the perfect spot to begin or end your festivities for the day, located conveniently at the 19th hole. Delivering an elaborate breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that is sure to please your company. Enjoy dishes like caramel pecan French toast, brisket hash, breakfast burritos and fresh fruit to complete your morning. Bring your friends out for a few rounds any day of the week and experience the club member treatment at the Bolingbrook Golf Club.

At the Bolingbrook Golf Club, you can enjoy professional golf fittings, top of the line equipment, a one-stop-shop located on premises and dozens of other perks. The Nest Bar and Grill is open bright and early at 6 a.m. on the weekends and 7 a.m. on weekdays for all of our early bird guests. There are daily food and beverage specials as well as club member specials throughout the rest of the club.

If you are looking for a home-away-from home, an unforgettable event or simply a few rounds of golf then come to the Bolingbrook Golf Club and experience club member treatment seven days a week. For membership opportunities contact Lisa Pacioni at (630) 771-9400 ext. 4009. You can conveniently book your daily tee times at or by downloading Bolingbrook’s tee time application to your phone. The Bolingbrook Golf Club is staffed with a wedding coordinator, special events coordinator and PGA professionals to make sure your most memorable days go as planned.

A woman looks out onto a golf course

The Lady Golfer

What is so appealing about women golfers? Have you ever noticed how captivating and interesting women golfers are? The nature of the sport itself is steady, collected and full of poise. When women golfers take the course by storm there is no looking elsewhere. Compared to other sports, which many commend for their strength and durability, golf exhibits a type of endurance that is almost purely mental. Many believe there is nothing more attractive than intelligence and golf is a sport that not only requires but demands the most detailed attention to physics, anatomy and self-reliance. The meticulous qualities of women golfers are some of the hardest to attain. Women golfers are a breed of their own and their force in the golf world is one that knows no boundaries.

The Ladies’ League at the Bolingbrook Golf Club is an important piece of the women’s golf world. Building relationships, reaching out to the community and providing multiple outlets for women to golf are just a few of the things that the Ladies’ League provides. Ladies’ clinics, meet and greets and tournaments are some of the quickest ways to get involved. Women who are interested in golfing will feel right at home at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. There’s no need to be an expert on the fairway when it comes to challenging yourself to a new sport and invigorating activity.

The Ladies' League holds 9-hole plays and 18-hole play for members and non–members all throughout the season. Almost every Monday and Thursday, ladies can participate in these tournaments. Major tournaments coming up are the Rally for the Cure, Solheim Cup and Ladies Fall Ball. Meet and greets are held every last Monday of the month with August 31st and September 28th being the next in line. Come to the Bolingbrook Golf Club and join the ladies on the course for an exciting, challenging sport.

A group of golfers

The Social Members of BGC

The Bolingbrook Golf Club has a social scene that no other Chicagoland golf club has to offer. Its Social Membership allows members access to daily activity that can boost their social and professional networks. According to recent social media research, more than half of Americans have a profile on a social network. This means your social network is more important than ever. Communication has changed between co-workers and employers and also the ways in which we connect. Of course, quality will always outweigh quantity when it comes to making new connections. That is why the Bolingbrook Golf Club has created a tangible social scene that can transcend through any online platform.

Golf has a long history of serving as a tool in the work place. Many companies utilize Corporate Social Memberships to build comradery and positive relationships. Socializing within the Bolingbrook Golf Club means not only gaining social media followers but people you can share live memories with! The club knows that not every business person is an expert golf player, which is why the Social Membership and Corporate Social Membership were developed. So many people benefit from visiting the golf club on a regular basis that you don’t need to be a pro' to reap the rewards.

For one year, come to the Bolingbrook Golf Club and become a social member. Enjoy exclusive member specials and becoming a piece of a genuine network. The Social Golfer Membership and Corporate Social Membership have no initiation fees, no monthly minimums and of course unlimited golf! The friends and connections you make at the Bolingbrook Golf Club will be ones that last a lifetime. To learn more about membership opportunities, please contact Lisa Pacioni at (630) 771- 9400 ext. 4009.

An interior shot of the pro shop at Bolingbrook Golf Club

The Bolingbrook Golf Shop

The Bolingbrook golf shop is one that is always dressed to impress. With top of the line golf equipment and customizable products, the golf shop can supply you with all of your golfing needs. Are you hosting a large party or looking for a memorable gift? The Bolingbrook golf shop can now customize golf balls and other golf merchandise. If you are hosting an event at the club there is no need to stop short of going the extra mile. Not only can you cater to your guests with club member treatment but you can send them home with specialized gifts to remember the day by. Dress your guests from head to toe with all of their golf gear needs. Hitting the course with new clubs, gloves and bags will always be remembered by those you want to make an impression on.

There’s nothing like gearing up your guests with company logos or organizational emblems. The golf shop can brand golf balls, hats, duffle bags, shoe bags, travel bags and a variety of shirts, sweaters and jackets. If you are hosting a business event the shop can place your logo on pad-folios and notebooks for employees or potential business partners. No need to stop there, decorate your golf outing with company footwear, sunglasses, bottles of wine and watches too. The Bolingbrook golf shop is equipped to send your guests onto the course with confidence and pride.

For more information on custom options, pricing or product questions, please contact PGA Head Golf Professional, David Thompson. (630) 771-9400 ext. 4068. Plan ahead for your golf outing or special event and customize gear for your guests to leave a lasting impression. Polish your top of the line golf equipment with top of the line logos that will improve your overall team goals.

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