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Scorecards Made Simple

Are you intimidated by the game of golf? Have you been working on your swing but unsure about getting on the course? It's time to feel stress-free and thoroughly enjoy the game of golf while keeping track of your progress. Scorecards are used by the pros and the casual golf players every day. Beginners should get into a regular routine of using scorecards even if they are just playing for fun. Just like playing cards, there are over a dozen playing games in golf with unique names that can vary from course to course. So if you hear players talking about “greensomes”, “gruesomes” or “shambles”, don't panic just yet. First focus on your individual game to quickly build confidence. Golf can be played with an added handicap, which is a predetermined deduction of points made to your final score to give an overall net score. 

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The Junior Golfer Membership

It’s time to get the kids out of the house! Summer is here and that only means the end of summer is quickly approaching. If you are interested in your kids falling in love with a sport or stimulating activity, now is the time do it. Send your kids to the Bolingbrook golf course and they’ll never want to leave. The large capacity and energizing environment is sure to bring them back. By utilizing the Junior Package membership, you can give your kids the adequate amount of exercise and socialization that they need to feel healthy and independent.

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