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Your Perfect Golf Outing

Outings at the Bolingbrook Golf Club can scale from large charities, influential campaigns and international company gatherings. There is no limit to the grand style of assemblies that can be coordinated. There are outdoor, indoor, casual and festive features for the perfect outing you are looking to host. Adults, children, clients and corporations can all be accommodated by the amenities found in the club and around the course.  

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The Senior Membership at BGC

At the Bolingbrook Golf Club, Senior Membership packages are available for our most valuable golfers ages sixty and over. Come join us on the course and experience the true feel of vacation.There are numerous reasons why exercise should be continued throughout life. With the heavy demands of society, exercise is more critical than ever. Today people are not only expected to live longer but work later into life. The Bolingbrook Golf Club is a strong promoter of senior health. Golf is one sport and hobby that people can enjoy even as they get older. Staying active in golf can provide the adequate exercise and stress relief that seniors need to stay healthy.

At the Bolingbrook Golf Club the best package is available for our most valued members. Senior golfers will receive the most benefits and rewards than any other member. The Senior Membership also includes a food and beverage credit that can be used at the Nest Bar and Grill on top of member only discounted rates.  With a one year term, the Senior Membership includes unlimited golf including golf cart Monday through Friday and after noon Saturday and Sunday. Preferred member tee times Thursday through Sunday including the short game area. Enjoy year round storage, exercise, whirlpool, steam room, sauna room and exclusive member pricing for special events. Bring friends to the club for discounted rates and take advantage of the food and wine specials at the Nest Bar and Grill. If you are seeking a friendly community and leisure activity, sixty years or older please call 630-771-9400 ext. 4009.

Ladies Golf at Bolingbrook Golf Club

“Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.” A quote by famous writer Oscar Wilde. In the world of athletics a female revolution has been erupting for decades. Today, you’ll find women dominating in sports and even taking the lime light over men. This year, UFC fighter Ronda Rousey received the title for best female athlete and overall best fighter at the ESPY Awards. Making history and paving the way for women athletes for the rest of time.

When it comes to women’s golf there are more attributes of a community than just a sport. Women have taken golf by storm and have reinvented the way in which many golfers utilize the sport. At the Bolingbrook Golf Club, dozens of events are scheduled every season so people can stay heavily involved in the groups they have formed. Being able to encourage each other and advance themselves through fun and thrilling competition. Golf is not easy but when you are with friends it will always remain fun. Remaining at ease and confident is something women can always achieve with their best lady pals around. Utilizing the golf community as a means of business networking is something that women have also found success in.

The Bolingbrook Golf Club understands the challenges everyone faces stepping on the course. With men being the larger population of golf, the club wants to make sure women have enough outlets and encouragement to stay involved with the sport. Along with a Ladies Golf League and Ladies Golf Tournaments, a Ladies Meet and Greet is scheduled every last Monday of the month so women can get together and begin to integrate themselves into the Bolingbrook Golf Club life. Please contact Assistant Golf Professional Jake Miller 630-771-9400 ext. 4068 if you have any questions about the lady golfers of Bolingbrook Golf Club.

Because BGC is Better

The Bolingbrook Golf Club is the prime example of all American golf. This Chicagoland golf academy is where the pros begin their craft of perfecting the golf swing. With top of the line golf tech available at the onsite golf center, there is no escaping playing better golf after submerging yourself into the club. Renowned golf instructors deliver golf training that cannot be beat. The golf lessons that are provided at the Bolingbrook Golf Club range from golf for beginners, kid’s golf, junior golf and even private lessons with Carl Rabito upon request.

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Gold Eagle Rewards

The best reward programs are the ones that are effortless and involve your favorite activities. The Bolingbrook Golf Club offers its members a program that always feels like winning. With the Gold Eagle program at the Bolingbrook Golf Club, members can start earning money back from their everyday club purchases. Free to join, the Gold Eagle rewards program allows golfers to gain even more playing time. Specials vary month to month, giving players as many opportunities as possible to earn. Every $500 spent on green fees, golf shop merchandise, golf academy purchases and a la carte dining will be rewarded $25.

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