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The Lady Golfer

What is so appealing about women golfers?

Have you ever noticed how captivating and interesting women golfers are? The nature of the sport itself is steady, collected and full of poise. When women golfers take the course by storm there is no looking elsewhere. Compared to other sports, which many commend for their strength and durability, golf exhibits a type of endurance that is almost purely mental. Many believe there is nothing more attractive than intelligence and golf is a sport that not only requires but demands the most detailed attention to physics, anatomy and self-reliance. The meticulous qualities of women golfers are some of the hardest to attain.  Women golfers are a breed of their own and their force in the golf world is one that knows no boundaries.

The Ladies’ League at the Bolingbrook Golf Club is an important piece of the women’s golf world.  Building relationships, reaching out to the community and providing multiple outlets for women to golf are just a few of the things that the Ladies’ League provides. Ladies’ clinics, meet and greets and tournaments are some of the quickest ways to get involved. Women who are interested in golfing will feel right at home at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. There’s no need to be an expert on the fairway when it comes to challenging yourself to a new sport and invigorating activity.

The Ladies' League holds 9-hole plays and 18-hole play for members and non–members all throughout the season. Almost every Monday and Thursday, ladies can participate in these tournaments. Major tournaments coming up are the Rally for the Cure, Solheim Cup and Ladies Fall Ball. Meet and greets are held every last Monday of the month with August 31st and September 28th being the next in line. Come to the Bolingbrook Golf Club and join the ladies on the course for an exciting, challenging sport.