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The Senior Membership at BGC

At the Bolingbrook Golf Club, Senior Membership packages are available for our most valuable golfers ages sixty and over. Come join us on the course and experience the true feel of vacation.There are numerous reasons why exercise should be continued throughout life. With the heavy demands of society, exercise is more critical than ever. Today people are not only expected to live longer but work later into life. The Bolingbrook Golf Club is a strong promoter of senior health. Golf is one sport and hobby that people can enjoy even as they get older. Staying active in golf can provide the adequate exercise and stress relief that seniors need to stay healthy.

At the Bolingbrook Golf Club the best package is available for our most valued members. Senior golfers will receive the most benefits and rewards than any other member. The Senior Membership also includes a food and beverage credit that can be used at the Nest Bar and Grill on top of member only discounted rates.  With a one year term, the Senior Membership includes unlimited golf including golf cart Monday through Friday and after noon Saturday and Sunday. Preferred member tee times Thursday through Sunday including the short game area. Enjoy year round storage, exercise, whirlpool, steam room, sauna room and exclusive member pricing for special events. Bring friends to the club for discounted rates and take advantage of the food and wine specials at the Nest Bar and Grill. If you are seeking a friendly community and leisure activity, sixty years or older please call 630-771-9400 ext. 4009.