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Because BGC is Better

The Bolingbrook Golf Club is the prime example of all American golf. This Chicagoland golf academy is where the pros begin their craft of perfecting the golf swing. With top of the line golf tech available at the onsite golf center, there is no escaping playing better golf after submerging yourself into the club. Renowned golf instructors deliver golf training that cannot be beat. The golf lessons that are provided at the Bolingbrook Golf Club range from golf for beginners, kid’s golf, junior golf and even private lessons with Carl Rabito upon request.

If it’s your first time picking up a golf club, fear not. The programs at Bolingbrook Golf Club not only encourage progress but guarantee it. There is no pressure to improve, just well-designed golf instruction that gives the golfer no other alternative. It’s as simple as beginning your lessons and committing to having a good time. Playing golf is known for the amount of stress relief it can provide and the mind-body connection. Bolingbrook golf lessons develop immediate attention to the players to perfect their building blocks. Once you begin your golf journey at the Bolingbrook Golf Club you will never want it to end.

If you want to learn how to play golf than there is no better solution than the Bolingbrook Golf Club. From golf coaching with the best golf instructors to a variety of golf leagues available, the Bolingbrook Golf Club delivers the ultimate golf experience for everyone. If you are still debating on becoming a member, there are numerous events that are scheduled throughout the year to experience the golf life first hand with no strings attached. Join us for family nights, couples nights, twilight golf or glow in the dark golf after sundown.  Treat yourself to the sport of a lifetime and see how improving your golf game at the Bolingbrook Golf Club can guarantee greatness.