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Why Ladies Love to Golf at BGC

If you are a lady and a social butterfly then the Bolingbrook Golf Club is the perfect place for you. Getting on the green is a great way of meeting new people and potential business partners.  The atmosphere of the club is upbeat, positive and the perfect environment to establish constructive relationships. Need a break from the social demands of society or pressures of stereotypical group environments? Everyone does. That is why the Bolingbrook Golf Club has created a social scene that cannot be duplicated.  Ladies can get together, mingle and fulfill their weekly exercise needs without any outside pressures or hassles.

The physical and mental benefits of golf are endless and should be taken advantage of by everyone. Women today have more stressors and fewer outlets to relieve themselves.  According to the CDC, 36.4% of women 20 years and older suffer from obesity and only 45.2% of women 18 years and older meet the federal guidelines for leisure aerobic activity. These alarming statistics show us that there are not enough easily accessible and enjoyable forms of aerobic activity available. The Bolingbrook Golf Club is here to change that. Golfing and getting on the course does not have to be as serious or difficult as it appears. It’s time to remove the stigma of not knowing “how to golf” and replace it with enjoying a few fun hours of leisure activity to improve your overall health.

The Bolingbrook Golf Club is now offering Ladies' Links and Drinks Clinics! Thursday nights, ladies can come out and enjoy a complimentary one hour clinic and drink voucher for The Nest Bar & Grill. No need to worry about golf skills or golf swing yet. Just set aside some time to get out of the house, away from the office and with the gals fulfilling your physical and mental needs for the week.  It is highly recommended to RSVP to the upcoming ladies' clinics by contacting Kaela Hierholzer at 630-771-9400 ext. 4500. Treat yourself to some “me time” and take a swing at improving your overall well-being.