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Junior Golf at Bolingbrook Golf Club

In today’s world it’s becoming more challenging to keep kids healthy and active. With many distractions and fast paced environments children are losing time to develop important cognitive behaviors. If you are looking for a family friendly hobby that will promote activity, entertainment and excitement for your children then junior golf lessons are a great place to start at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. Our programs begin as early as the age of five giving you an early start to develop healthy habits for your child.  According to the CDC, regular physical activity in adolescence helps reduce anxiety, stress and increases self-esteem. In one game alone, walking on the fairway can provide the recommended amount of weekly exercise.

The teachings of golf give children tools they can use in all areas of life.  PGA of America stands by their declaration that golf teaches life’s most valuable skills. Youth can learn patience, acceptance, maturity and responsibility in this individually challenging game. Some of the hardest tools to teach your kids can be gained through the junior golf programs at the Bolingbrook Golf Club.

The mission at the Bolingbrook Golf Club is to provide a fun, energetic and educational experience to all junior golfers. Starting at just $15 dollars for one -day clinics, it is easy and affordable to get your golfers on the green and gaining confidence in multiple areas. Camps, clinics, competitions and the PGA Golf League are available at the Bolingbrook Golf Club for your kids and teens. This year each participant in the Bolingbrook Golf Club PGA Junior Golf League will receive a team uniform and six practice lessons to go along with the travel matches. All participants play in every PGA JGL competition. Give your kids the gift of golf and join us on the course with the rest of the junior golfers!