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The Perfect Golf Swing at BGC

Bolingbrook Golf Academy is known for its prestigious golf lessons and providing golf students the foundation for the perfect golf swing.  These Chicagoland golf lessons take you on a journey both physically and mentally challenging. You’ll be picking up some of the best golf swing tips from experts in the industry. You will be taught by the widely recognized Rabito Golf Instructors and Carl Rabito himself upon request.

The core of Carl Rabito’s teachings is that “structure governs function”.  In the Athletic Training Student Primer: A Foundation for Success, Dr. Andrew Winterstein explains that, “muscles move the joint, ligaments provide stability, bones provide structure and support, nerves supply information and activate muscles and cartilage helps provide protection and support to the joint. Injure any one of these tissues and the overall function will be influenced.”  In short, everything matters! Perfecting your golf swing is a matter of working from the inside-out. Learning your body’s structure and how it functions best is one way to advance your skills. At the Bolingbrook Golf Club, we take pride in the tools and techniques that are taught throughout our programs. 

Golf lessons at the Bolingbrook Golf Club provide you with not only an understanding of the perfect golf swing but also the entire framework behind it. Awareness of your physical structure and how to improve it is the foundation of perfecting your golf swing. This can also be applied to all areas of life and other daily functions. Practicing good use of your body and applying it to the functionalities of golfing is one reason why our programs succeed.

With programs available at every level of expertise we cater to the golf experience you are looking for. At Bolingbrook Golf Club we are happy to provide you with a program that actually guarantees the improvement of your golf swing.  Learn more about The Journey to Better GUARANTEE and begin perfecting your swing today.