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5 Benefits of Golf for Young Professionals

Young professionals can benefit greatly by applying themselves to the wonderful game of golf. It doesn’t matter whether one is an intermediate golfer, professional or novice golf can be a great investment in one’s health, potentially increasing life expectancy. Below are five reasons that young professionals can benefit from playing golf:

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The Beauty of BGC

One of the most appreciated aspects about the Bolingbrook Golf Club is the atmosphere and the ambiance. Those who value the “surrounding influence of the environment” will enjoy the layout and design of the Bolingbrook Golf Club. From the amenities to the scenery, all parts of the club provide the vacation–feel while you’re there. In a location that provides magnificent photo opportunities during every season of the year.

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The Lady Golfer

What is so appealing about women golfers?

Have you ever noticed how captivating and interesting women golfers are? The nature of the sport itself is steady, collected and full of poise. When women golfers take the course by storm there is no looking elsewhere. Compared to other sports, which many commend for their strength and durability, golf exhibits a type of endurance that is almost purely mental. Many believe there is nothing more attractive than intelligence and golf is a sport that not only requires but demands the most detailed attention to physics, anatomy and self-reliance. The meticulous qualities of women golfers are some of the hardest to attain.  Women golfers are a breed of their own and their force in the golf world is one that knows no boundaries.

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The Social Members of BGC

The Bolingbrook Golf Club has a social scene that no other Chicagoland golf club has to offer. Its Social Membership allows members access to daily activity that can boost their social and professional networks. According to recent social media research, more than half of Americans have a profile on a social network. This means your social network is more important than ever. Communication has changed between co-workers and employers and also the ways in which we connect.  Of course, quality will always outweigh quantity when it comes to making new connections. That is why the Bolingbrook Golf Club has created a tangible social scene that can transcend through any online platform.

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The Bolingbrook Golf Shop

The Bolingbrook golf shop is one that is always dressed to impress. With top of the line golf equipment and customizable products, the golf shop can supply you with all of your golfing needs. Are you hosting a large party or looking for a memorable gift? The Bolingbrook golf shop can now customize golf balls and other golf merchandise. If you are hosting an event at the club there is no need to stop short of going the extra mile. Not only can you cater to your guests with club member treatment but you can send them home with specialized gifts to remember the day by. Dress your guests from head to toe with all of their golf gear needs. Hitting the course with new clubs, gloves and bags will always be remembered by those you want to make an impression on.

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