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The Cleveland Golf Tour Experience

About The Cleveland Golf Tour Experience

TCGTE is the first of its kind for Cleveland/Srixon Golf and Bolingbrook Golf Club and brings all the capabilities of the Cleveland tour trailer to all amateur golfers.  The new studio will feature an onsite Cleveland/Srixon staff member, certified in club fitting and building, who will be providing tour-grade club fitting sessions to anyone interested in properly fit equipment.  All fitting sessions will use the state-of-the-art TrackMan computer system with the use of multiple shaft and club makeup options to ensure a perfect fit.

Fitting offerings will range from individual clubs up to complete bag fits and also include gap fitting and loft & lie adjustments.  Gap fitting measures the precise carry distance for each club.  All fitting packages will include a Cleveland Golf tour cap, a Cleveland Golf towel and a sleeve of custom fit Srixon golf balls.  Fitting packages start at $100 for a basic one-component fit and increase up to $250 for a complete bag fit.  Complete bag fits include driver, fairway metals/hybrids, irons and wedges.

Cleveland Golf is the #1 wedge manufacturer in golf.  All wedge fittings will be conducted in "The Scoring Zone", the short-game area at The Driving Range & Golf Academy.


Get Fit Like A Tour Pro